Vertigo SA
Feb 20  His scouring has gone on longer than it should--I call Vet.  Give it a couple more days

Feb 22 Scouring has gone

March 9 Early AM Vertigo laying in stall and mare is ignoring him. Temp 102 Vet suspects rhodococcus pneumonia and puts on a regimen of electrolytes every 2 hours and erythromycin and rifampin 3times/day.

March 10 Electrolytes every 2 hours all this week, slight improvement, fever 99-100, still profuse diarrhea.

March 17 Runs & plays--he looks good; fever, runny nose & diarrhea all gone.  We're over this.

TF Morning Song and Vertigo SA
June '96 Purchased TF Morning Song in foal to TF Dundee. She should foal approx. 1/28/97

Feb 7, '97--4:30 PM--Mare's bag is dripping wax. She foals in 30 minutes.  Vertigo is a big, beautiful, healthy chestnut colt.

Feb 10 Have been taking video pictures since birth, such a beauty..

Just the softess nose ever....
March 22  Our friend's foal - TF Dundee x TF April Gold (half-sister/same sire as our mare) died today. We have been battling all of the same symptoms with our foals. We're clueless amateurs.

March 26 Turn for the worse, temp 101.5; lying down continuously; not nursing well.

March 27 5:00AM take Vertigo to Texas A&M University (4+ hr drive) Vet says "he is a very sick foal; could have a genetic disorder & may not recover". I will not accept this. I did not expect to leave him--I plead with vet "please make him better".

March 28  Waiting to hear from Vet--Calling everywhere to get any info about SCID; I'm running into brick walls & lack of info.

March 30 Still waiting on test results; Breeder states that I should just let the foal stop spending money on him.  I will not give up on Vertigo.

April 1 Began communication with Washington State University & F.O.A.L. Association about SCID; I'm starting to learn more than I wanted to know. Vertigo's DNA taken to identify SCID.

April 2  Breeder finally states that he had SCID foal die in the past. Am in a state of panic and disbelief.  Waiting on test results…

April 4 Suspicions confirmed-- mare is a carrier and foal is homozygous for SCID.

April 5 Leave at 3:AM to bring Vertigo home.  Get to hospital, he looks so weak; so glad to see him; makes ride back ok and looks so content at home.

April 8  Vertigo worsening every day; very sick; we feel so guilty for keeping him alive, wish he could understand that we want his short life to serve a purpose. Finally have registration papers in hand.

April 9 Called Registry; they received the FedExed registration papers; I'm pleading with them to send kit back today, I dare not mention SCID for fear I will not get the kit. Called Vet to confirm tomorrow 10:00AM for euthanasia & autopsy (specifically according to Washington StateU. Standards for SCID). Prepare all papers for F.O.A.L. Association. Spending every minute with Vertigo.  Prepared grave for tomorrow.

April 10 Vet arrived, blood drawn for registration He is euthanized 9 weeks after his birth--we go to house while necropsy is done; bury Vertigo.

April 11 Sent all papers & required tissues to Washington State.

April 23  Received confirmed diagnosis of  SCID..
Vertigo SA.